Prairie Pointe Inn History


The guest cabin was built. Jim and Diane lived there for two years while they built the big house that would one day become their home. They decorated the cabin with love, antiques and peaceful accent colors while they resided there. Jim and Diane enjoyed staying in the guest cabin so much, they decided to share it by renting it out after construction on their new home was complete.

The cabin has always offered family, friends and guests a tranquil place to relax and unwind, away from day-to-day life. The large picture windows in the kitchen offer incredible, breathtaking views of the lake, perfect for those crisp winter mornings when you just want to curl up and enjoy coffee and breakfast within the warmth of the cabin.




Ground was broken for the big house. Watching the stages of construction on what would eventually become their new home and space for children and grandchildren to gather for special occasions was something Jim and Diane really took pride in. It was during this time that the idea of a Bed & Breakfast to share this space became prevalent in their minds.

Since completion of the big house, Jim drained and excavated the 7-acre pond. It filled up in the fall of 2015. He has stocked the pond and the fish population continues to grow. This pond makes for the perfect area for our guests to kayak, paddleboard and walk along the trails to enjoy the scenery. Grab a seat and some binoculars and watch the geese, wild turkey, ducks and once in awhile, you can spot some beautiful deer wandering around behind the property. This area is accurately described as peaceful and scenic by all guests who come to stay with us.

The greenhouse and sidewalks were built in 2016 to add to this Bed & Breakfast’s scenic appeal. It is a continued work in progress as Jim and Diane incorporate more landscaping and incredible features on the property. Jim has built a new walk out dock and will soon have it installed. Their ultimate goal is to offer their guest (who they hope to become their friends) the type of getaway they are looking for, be it romantic, peaceful, nature-filled, family fun, or all of the above, Prairie Pointe Inn has got you covered. We would love to share our story with you in person during your stay at Prairie Pointe Inn. After one stay, we guarantee you will want to share our home for years of vacations to come.